Hometown: Chicago, IL

High School: Crete Monee High School

Class of: 2016

Major: Physical Education

Minor: Recreation


Campus Involvement: ICONIC Models


Why did you choose CSU?

I chose Central State University because I fell in love with the "at home" atmosphere it held. The students and faculty adopted me in and now I love my H.B.C.U.


What do you plan on doing when you graduate?

After Graduation I plan on teaching middle age children. I want to help mentor younger students and help them prepare for their future endeavors. Just as the staff here have done for me, I want to help others transition from boy I was then to the man I am now.


What do you like most about CSU?

I love my classes and the one on one attention I get from my professors, but I'd have to say that the social festivities are what I like best, particularly the athletic events. Rather it's football, basketball, or even a volleyball game.