Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

High School: Wayne High School

Class of: 2018

Major: Biology

Why did you choose CSU?
I chose to come Central State because I liked that fact that I could see a future here. They encourage students to have vision and focus on our goals.


Favorite CSU Memory / Place to be on campus?
I celebrated my birthday on campus this year and it was awesome. Being away from home for my birthday, I thought that I would end up being a little homesick, but the students here all came out to celebrate with me and made sure I had a great time. It felt like I was at home. The best place to be on campus is our new University Student Center. I'm in there all the time (between classes of course!). My friends and I are always at the WOW, in the game room, or just in the cafe eating at the mongolian grill. Although I was recently stung by a bee walking in the building, it is still one of the top places to be at.


What do you like most about CSU?
Like most of my peers, what I love most about Central State is the family oriented student body. Not to sound cliché, but the atmosphere is awesome. It's shocking at first if you are not use to it, but everyone here treats me like I am family and really encourages me to be successful.