Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

High School: Cornerstone Prep School

Class of: 2015

Major: Communication Broadcast Media

Campus Involvement: Tour Guide, Student Government Association, National Association of Black Journalist, Honors Student, Student Ambassador


Why did you choose CSU?
When I took a tour of this institution, I was won over by the authentic friendly - family atmosphere. I instantly felt as if this was the place for me. I could not have seen myself going anywhere else.


What do you plan on doing after you graduate?
Upon graduating, I will expand on my script writing for plays, tv shows, and movies, working my way up to one day dominate Hollywood.


What do you like most about CSU?
There are opportunites here that you may not have been considered for at another institution. I always feel like Central State is on my side. It's not as if i'm in competition with anyone, it's as if we are all in a partnetship; striving to help each other grow and become successful.