Hometown: Youngstown, OH

High School: Champion High School

Class of : 2020

Major: Biology


Campus Involvement: New Age Modeling Troupe


Why did you choose CSU?
I choose CSU because it was in my blood. My two sisters’, brother in law and cousin are all alumni, they promoted the school to me, I came to visit and I loved it.


Funniest Experience While Giving a Tour?
One of the most funny experiences while giving a tour would have to be when students from a local high school came to visit our campus and told us how much they enjoyed us giving them something to look forward to, but then one of the students started to sing about how much they liked the tour, and that definitely caught me off guard and made me laugh!


Favorite CSU memory / Favorite place to be on campus?
My favorite memory is that of being around my TG family and having a great time talking about classes in the TG office. My favorite place to be on campus would have to be in the Hallie Q. Library, it provides a calming atmosphere for me to complete my work.