Hometown: Detroit, MI

High School: Northwestern High School

Class of: 2017

Major: Sociology

Minor: Criminal Justice


Campus Involvement: FCLA (Family Community & Leadership in Action), Debate team, and Jr. Class Vice-President


Why did you choose CSU?

Most people usually come with a sob story of how they chose CSU, but mine is different. My story is more of a “I came, I saw, I conquered” story. I chose Central State University because I saw this campus many times because my older brother attended here, so I became accustomed to the school. I came to Central State, I saw what it had to offer, and I am now conquering my classes.


What do you plan on doing when you graduate?

After I graduate I plan to attend UofM (Go Blue) Master’s program to attain my Master of Art degree in Sociology. After obtaining my Master’s Degree, I plan to come back and teach at CSU, to pour into my University the same way that it has poured into me. “Wealth = Knowledge, Share the Wealth”


What do you like most about CSU?

What I like most about CSU . . . I would have to say the school spirit and the tradition. From the emotional and mental support of the staff and faculty to the traditions of alumni and students.