Graduate Admissions

The graduate program is one of three programs in the College of Education. We provide courses of instruction and experience leading to a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree. The Master of Education Degree prepares candidates for a variety of leadership positions in colleges and universities. Graduate programs in education provide a solid grounding in both professional education studies and in a number of leadership specializations. Graduate students are expected to demponstrate appropriate levels of competency, capacity and commitment to the acquisition of the professional knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary for leadership.

Currently there are three graduate programs available to candidates who wish to become administrative specialists in higher education organizations: Personnel Services, Administrative Student Services, and Research.


Graduation Requirements

Each student must submit a graduation application during the term prior to anticipated completion of the following:
a. Forty-one (41) credit hours with a cumulative grade-point-average of 3.00 or higher.
b. Master’s Thesis or Master’s Project with Oral Defense


Graduate Admission Classifications

Applicants are classified according to the fulfillment of admission requirements. The Graduate Program Admission Committee determines a classification status for each applicant admitted to the program:

  • Regular- an applicant who has satisfactorily completed all requirements for admission.
  • Provisional- an applicant who must fulfill prerequisites as determined by the Admission Committee.
    • Each term, a cohort group of no more than thirty(30) students will be granted admission.
    • To become eligible for admission, each student must have completed; 
      • An admissions application
      • An earned baccalaureate degree
      • A minimum 2.5/4.0 cumulative grade-point-average earned for the baccalaureate degree.
      • Acceptable scores on the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT)
      • Two letters of recommendation to include one from a college or University instructor in whose course(s) you were enrolled and completed
      • An autobiographical statement
      • Additional material as deemed appropriate or required