Previously nominated for demonstrating Marauder Pride

Mary Shifflett, CSU Print Center

Demonstrating Marauder Pride!  Does it mean….

  • always being ready for the unexpected and meeting it head-on without hesitation?
  • being a team player on a project without knowing the kind of project, barely having time left to complete the project, and doing so without a team?
  • running all over campus addressing problems…in the rain, sleet or snow?
  • greeting people day-in, day-out with a smile and pleasant attitude no matter what kind of day, week, or year your having?
  • possessing a gentle temperament after finding out at 4:59 pm that you have to stay late, cancel your plans, (even on a Friday) in order to meet a client’s needs?

If these are SOME qualities of demonstrating Marauder Pride then Mary Shifflett, of the CSU printcenter, is beaming with Marauder Pride!

James Smith, Professor

Jim Smith is a person of distinction at Central State University. Professor Smith has galvanized his colleagues and students with leadership and enthusiasm. He started over 31 years ago with the following:

  • Performed in Oxford, England  (2008, 2010).
  • Coordinated Elmhurst Music Festival Competition/Chicago for several years. Fine Art Students toured Art Institute of Chicago Museum.
  • Served years as chair of the Fine/Performing Art Department.
  • Wrote documents/accreditation success for the CSU Music program through (NASAM) and the Fine Art Departments (NASAD)
  • Built CSU Jazz studies program.

Erin Smith, Professor

Professor Erin Smith has taught and administered programs at Central State University for two years. She exhibits outstanding work ethic and professionalism. Her passion for her work and our wonderful students is truly admirable.  She pushes everyone around her to achieve goals bigger than their expectations.  I believe the time has arrived to formally acknowledge Ms. Smith’s significant contributions to the university.

On October 13, Ms. Smith and a few of her students unveiled a mural in Foundation Hall II.  This mural not only showed the strength and intelligence of women working together, it also symbolized the work ethic of our students.  It inspires students to work together for the advancement of our culture. It was amazing to see such bright individuals create such a fine masterpiece that will be admired for many years to come.  The idea stemmed from the love that Professor Smith has for our University and our students’ success.  Erin Smith has demonstrated Marauder Pride with the highest moral standards.  She deserves recognition far beyond words.

Dana Frisco, Payroll Clerk

In observing Ms. Frisco’s work I have observed that she is patient in working with employees and students in addressing their needs.  She will often walk them through a particular process, so that they become equipped to address their related task in the payroll process.

She displays professionalism at all times, even in what I would consider some very challenging situations.  She has a direct yet considerate style in working with individuals.  In one instance she admitted to a student that there was an over-sight on her part which lead to the inconvenient situation.  She then immediately took steps to correct the situation, bringing  a positive resolution to the matter.

I have observed many persons leaving Administration and Finance with the sense that they have been helped and are more confident about how to handle their business and get things accomplished.

Alan Lassiter, Facilities

Honest. Hardworking. Caring. Excellent. Those are just a few words I could use to describe Mr. Alan Lassiter of the Facilities department at Central State University. Mr. Lassiter consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty for any student, staff person or administrator. It’s not because he wants recognition; he genuinely sees the impact and value of his job. In speaking with him you’ll find he is respectful, humble and driven to do the best he can in his capacity to make this university better than the way he left it the day before. THAT is Marauder Pride! Whether he wins this award or not, it is my hope that Alan Lassiter knows he is appreciated for all he has done for CSU!


Justyn Frye, Residence Hall Coordinator

Knowing and working with Mr. Fry has been a blessing. He has consistently demonstrated all of the four core values Honesty, Hard Work, Caring, and Excellence. He is a dedicated, faithful, and an invested servant to Central State University.   He goes above and beyond to advocate, empower, and educate our students. He is highly respected by his residents’, students’, faculty, staff, and administration. His work ethic and professionalism are worthy to be recognized and rewarded. I know the time has arrived to formally and materially acknowledge Mr. Fry’s significant contributions to the university.


Anthony Arment, Department of Natural Sciences

Dr. Anthony Arment, a microbiologist in the Department of Natural Sciences at Central State University helps students achieve their full potential.  His strength is motivating and providing the means for students to competently do undergraduate research.  He has published articles with undergraduate students in peer reviewed science journals, and the on-campus research journal. Many students he has mentored have presented posters at local, regional and national professional scientific conferences.  He works tirelessly with students and their faculty mentors, guiding them in interdisciplinary research projects.  Dr. Arment is working with high school students on the weekends to help prepare them for upcoming science fairs.  As a result, he submitted a publication with one high school student and is making significant discoveries about dental sealants with another.


Tamiesha Hurns, Financial Aid Clerk

As a former marching band member and alumnus of Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority, she has willingly become the chapter’s current co-advisor.  Additionally, she sends donations to the band on a monthly basis in support of their future success with the university.  She also studies hard to earn a Master’s Degree in the field of Criminal Justice, in hopes of continually helping others.

The students know they can count on Ms. Hurns to help make sure they try their best to achieve academic success.  There is no doubt Ms. Hurns deserves a treat for all the work she has done and for achievements to come.

Curtis Pettis, Budget Director

I was once asked, “What do you most admire in a leader?”  My response was, “passion.”  Mr. Curtis Pettis has served as the Budget Director for three years.  During that time, he has impacted and affected a number of staff members and students with his sincere passion for the University and its mission.  He embodies its core values of hard work, honesty, excellence and caring.  He serves as mentor to several students, including those involved in the “Aliquippa Project”, a program started by Mr. Pettis and his brother to recruit and retain students from his hometown.  He avails himself 24/7 as a teacher, counselor, friend, financial advisor, and surrogate father.  He is a wealth of information, and is never too busy to assist or share.

Dana Frisco, Payroll Clerk

When I saw the solicitation for nominations for a Marauder Pride award, I was thrilled to finally have a chance to acknowledge someone who is, in my opinion, the most valuable employee on campus.  Dana Frisco.  Despite having a job where it is vital to never make a mistake, Dana always has a great attitude.  She is extremely knowledgeable about policies and procedures and always, always returns phone calls and emails.  She follows up on every situation, never letting things fall through the cracks.  She shows genuine concern about student’s issues and makes my job as a supervisor so much easier.  Dana is helpful and patient and a real asset to the Central State community.  I wholeheartedly nominate her to receive the Marauder Pride award.

Marian Hoey, Project Coordinator, Center for Student Opportunities

Marian Hoey of the Center for Student Opportunities consistently demonstrates “Marauder Pride” in every aspect of her position, in the way she treats every individual student or potential CSU student she meets, and in the way she presents the university to the public.  To Marian, there are no negatives that cannot be changed to positives and she throws herself into this – one student at a time.  Every success story, every CSO student and graduate that she encounters has been touched by her caring and encouraging force that helps them put down the roots that drive them beyond the obstacles they encounter and allows them to thrive.  Marian represents CSU with pride and ensures that every student reflects this pride in all that they do.

Dr.  Reginald Nnazor, Dean of the College of Education

Dr. Reginald Nnazor not only exemplifies a Marauder in its truest meaning he brings his team to the forefront with him and stands beside them NOT in front. It means being able to identify with Central State University and seeing the vision and goals of a Marauder.  COE has been blessed with Dr. Reginald Nnazor and is proud to call him CSU, COE Dean aka Marauder.  Since January of 2011, Dr. Reginald Nnazor has endured and handled several situations, discovered many leaks, noticed a lot of strengths and ruffled “some” feathers.  Only six months running and he has created committees with chairpersons leading with a charge and turning the COE around.  One of his many mottos “speak even when your voice shakes.”


Colette P. Burnette, Vice President of Administration and Finance, CFO

I would like to nominate Mrs. Colette Pierce Burnette for the Marauder Pride Award. Mrs. Burnette embodies Marauder Pride through and through. She is someone who goes above and beyond her responsibilities of VP of Administration and Finance/ CFO, to support her staff, faculty and staff across campus, and most importantly our students. I view Marauder Pride as something that exceeds showing school spirit, but it is when you can look at an individual and say “YOU ARE CENTRAL STATE”.  Mrs. Burnette is a friend, a mother, and a mentor. Without someone like her at this institution, SEVERAL individuals including myself may not have been successful. SHE IS A TRUE MARAUDER! FOR GOD, FOR CENTRAL, FOR STATE!