Our Mission

Central State University, as Ohio’s only public Historically Black University, academically prepares students with diverse backgrounds and educational needs for leadership and service in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world. As an open access institution, the University fosters academic excellence through a strong liberal arts foundation and majors in selected professional fields.

Central State University is dedicated to:

  • providing a nurturing and culturally enriched learning environment;
  • stimulating in students an intellectual curiosity and a continuous search for knowledge;
  • teaching students to think critically and communicate effectively;
  • instilling in students an aspiration for excellence through teaching, service, and scholarly research;
  • preparing students to address the challenges of a technologically-oriented world;
  • providing quality educational programs in scientific and technological fields;
  • offering programs with multicultural and global perspectives;
  • reaching out to underserved populations, and;
  • collaborating with other educational institutions, business organizations and governmental agencies to enrich learning experiences and educational opportunities for students.