CSU Faculty & Staff: Safety at Work

By Sgt. Ronzell Smith

The Central State University campus safety department is providing the following reminders for staff.
When working after hours or on the weekend pay attention to your surroundings.   Let someone know you plan to be in your office on campus during non-business hours.

Identify a secure location in the office for personal belongings.  

Keep an inventory of personal items you bring and keep in your office.

Help guests who appear to be lost on campus or in the building areas find their destination.

Keep emergency telephone numbers posted near your desk telephone. 

Know your office emergency evacuation plan.

Wear University identification.

Remember to close and lock office windows that may have been opened during the workday. 

When leaving the office area for the evening shut and lock office entrance doors.

Police and Safety can be contacted at the non-emergency number - 376-5111 and for emergencies call 911.
Central State University