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NOTE: This section is under construction. Additional policies and procedures are available for review in the office of the Executive Vice President.

Policy/ Procedure Index

  1. Board of Trustees
  2. Academics
  3. Enrollment Management
  4. General Administration
  5. Finance
  6. Business Services
  7. Human Resources
  8. Facilities Management
  9. Information Technology Services
  10. Institutional Development
Board of Trustees


Approval For Signature Authority /Checks and Bank Transactions (1)

University Emergency Revolving Student Loan Fund (2)

Drug Free Workplace (3)

Faculty & Staff Remission of Fees Policy (4)

Faculty & Staff Remission of Fees Procedure (4.1)




Student Participation in Commencement Exercises Policy (100)

Student Participation in Commencement Exercises Procedure (100.1)

Processing Contracts for Faculty Adjuncts (101.1)


Enrollment Management


Student Organizations Policy (200)

Student Organizations and Activities Procedures (200.1)

Student Complaints (201)

Student Complaints (201.1)

Student Room and Board Policy (203)

Student Room and Board Procedures (203.1)


General Administration

Restricted fund Policy (300)

Restricted fund Procedure (300.1)

Emergency Closings (301.1)

Public Records Policy (302)

Public Records Procedure (302.1)

Process for Obtaining Advertising Services Procedure (303.1)

Records Retention (304)

Records Retention procedure (304.1)

Textbook Procurement (305)

Textbook Procurement (305.1)

Sponsored Projects and Research Conflict of Interest (306)

Financial Conflict of Interest Screening/Disclosure Form (306)

Forms Management (307)

Forms Management (307.1)

Intellectual Property (310)

Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct (311)

Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct - Procedure (311.1)

Safety Policy (312)



Accounts Payable Policy (400)

Accounts Payable Mail Procedure (400.1)

Accounts Payable Tax Exempt Status (400.2)

Accounts Payable - Payments for Goods and Services (400.3)

Accounts Payable Check Cutting Procedure (400.4)

Bad Debt Allowance Policy (401)

Budget Transfers Policy (402)

Budget Modifications Procedure (402.1)

Cash Reconciliation Policy (403)

Cash ReconciIiation Procedure (403.1)

Revenue Posting Procedure (403.2)

Non-Student Accounts Policy (404)

Non-Student Accounts Receivable And Related Allowances Procedure (404.1)

Operational Procedures And Regulations Regarding Transfers And Expenditures Procedure (404.2)

Attachments (404.2a)

Payment of Tuition Policy (405)

Payment of Tuition Procedure (405.1)

Petty Cash Fund Cash Management Cashiers Cage Policy (406)

Petty Cash Fund Cash Management Cashiers Cage Procedure (406.1)

Petty Cash Fund Facilities Maintenance Policy (407)

Petty Cash Fund Facilities Maintenance Procedure (407.1)

Refund for Withdrawn Students Policy (408)

Refund for Withdrawn Students Procedure (408.1)

Administrative Procedure Regarding Reporting Requirements Policy (409)

Administrative Procedure Regarding Reporting Requirements Procedure (409.1)

Travel Policy (410)

Travel Procedure (410.1)

Travel Expense Report Form (410.1)

Food Service Arrangements With Gourmet Services, Inc. Procedure (411.1)

Maintenance Policies and Procedures Policy (412)

Maintenance Procedures Manual Procedure (412.1, rev. 7/10/01)

Maintaining Institutional Financial Accountability and Responsibility (The Sarbanes-Oxley Act) Policy (413)

Checklist for Maintaining Institutional Financial Accountability and Responsibility (The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002) Procedure (413.1)


Business Services


Purchasing Authority and Regulations Policy (500)

Purchasing Authority and Regulations Procedure (500.1)

University Credit Card (500.2)

Purchasing Department (501)

Vendor Relations (502)

Bidding Policy (503)

Purchase Requisition Policy (504)

Purchase Requisition procedure (504.1)

Requisition: Status Inquiries (505)

Formal Purchase Order (506)

Surplus Excess Property (507)

Receiving (508)

University Print Center Policy (509)

University Print Center Procedure (509.1)

Property, Plant and Equipment (510)

Property, Plant and Equipment Guidelines and Procedures (510.1)

CSU Information Technology &Services Hardware and Software Relocation/Transfer Form (510.1)

University-Owned Motorized Vehicle Operations (510.2)

University Bus Reservations (510.3)

University Procurement Card (ProCard) Policy (511)

University Procurement Card (ProCard) Procedure (511.1)

Request for University Procurement Card (ProCard) Form (511.1)

Receipt of Procurement Card Form (511.1)

ProCard Transaction Log Form (511.1)


Human Resources
HR Forms
• Application for Faculty & Staff Remission of Fees | MS Word Form

Laws Regulating the Sale and Consumption of Alcohol (600)

Internal Transfer of Annual Leave (601)

Payroll Database Policy (602)

Annual Leave for Senior Administrators (603)

Hiring Policy (604, rev. 12/5/00 )

Family and Medical Leave of Absence Guidelines Policy (605)

Student Employment Policy (606)

ADA and Equal Opportunity Discrimination Sexual Harassment Complaint Policy (607)

Employment Rules For Non-Bargaining Unit Administrative-Professional-and Classified Civil Service Staff (608)

Corrective Action Policy (609)

Donation of Leave to Other Employees (610, rev. 2 Apr 02)

Allowing Administrative and Professional Unclassified Staff to Additional Assignment (611)

Civil Service Examination (612)

Holidays and Days Off (614)

Nepotism (615)

Annual Salary Increase Eligibility--Contract Employees (616)

Staff Supplemental Compensation for Work withing the University (617)

Performance Appraisals for Non-Bargaining Unit, Administrative-Professional and Classified Civil Service. (618)

Workers' Compensation Transitional Work Policy (619)

Sick Leave Policy (620)

Court Leave Policy (621)

Funeral Leave Policy (622)

Facilities Management


Facilities Use for Non-Affiliated Groups (701)

Facilities Use for Non-Affiliated Groups (701.1)

Facilities Request Form (701.1)

Use of Board of Trustees Meeting Room (701.2)


Information Technology Services


Acceptable Use (800)

Cellular Telephone Services Policy (801)

Cellular Telephone Services Procedure (801.1)

Central State University Computing (802)

Computer Software Acquisition and Upgrade

Interface between SIS and CUFS Policy (804)

Creating the Bursar Interface Entry Procedure (804.1)

Pager Policy (805)

Pager Procedure (805.1)

Telephone Calling Card Policy (806)

Telephone Calling Card Procedure (806.1)


Institutional Development


Solicitations, Gifts and Pledges Policy (900)

Fund Raising Guidelines Procedure (900.1)

Requesting Funds from the Foundation Procedure (901.1)

Making Deposits to the Foundation Procedure (902.1)

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