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In order to better serve you, the Human Resources Department has added our most frequently used forms to our website. Simply click on the links below and type directly into any of our Microsoft Word based forms, print out and deliver to HR.

Please feel free to contact a Human Resoures Professional with any questions regarding these forms.

Forms: Employment Forms | Employee Forms | Payrolls Forms

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Central State University's Employment Process
New!Employment Process
This document was created to provide guidance to Hiring Managers and Search Committees regarding the Employment Processes. This document should be reveiwed prior to creating a Strategic Position Review.

Adjunct Faculty Hiring Process
Adjunct Faculty Employee Action Form

Summer Faculty Hiring Process
Faculty Summer School Session A Employee Action Form
Faculty Summer School Session B Employee Action Form

Seasonal Employment Process
New Form BannerSeasonal Employment Action Form

Strategic Position Review
New Form BannerAs part of the Efficiency Strategy being implemented campus wide, departments wishing to fill a vacant position perform a Strategic Position Review.

Assessing Worker Status
New Form Banner
Employee or Independent Contractor Checklist
This document was created to determine whether a worker should be classified as an employee or independent contractor.

Staff Request for Additional Compensation to Teach
New Form BannerRequest for Extra Compensation
This form must be attached to staff member's Adjunct Employment Action Forms in order to teach.

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Change of Address Form

Change of Address
Submit this form for changes in name or mailing address within thirty days of change to the Human Resources Department.

Corrective Action Form

Corrective Action Form
Supervisors must use this form to document a Corrective Action taken with an employee.

Termination and Advanced Corrective Action Request

This form is to be used by supervisors to request Suspension, Termination, or Administrative Leave.

Donation of Leave

Donation of Leave Form- Donor Application

Employees must fill out this form in order to participate in the Donation of Leave program as a Donor.

Leave Application- Recipient Leave Form

Employees must fill out this form in order to participate in the Donation of Leave program as a Recipient.

Note: Please Review Policy #610 and Procedure #610.1 for information regarding Donation of Leave.

Employee Safety

Injury Report Form

Submit this document to Human Resources within 24 hours of an injury sustained on campus grounds.

Safety Recommendation Form

Submit this document to Veronica Drake, Chair of the CSU Safety Committee, to express issues, concerns, and solutions related to safety on CSU's campus.


FMLA Certification
Take this form to your Healthcare Provider and have him/ her complete it when requesting time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Separation of Employment

Separation of Employment

Submit this form when ending employment at Central State University to properly complete the separation process.

Request for Separation Due to Right-Sizing
This form is to be initiated by the direct supervisor and completed for separation due to rightsizing of Unclassified, Salaried Staff.

Performance Appraisals

Note: Please Review Policies #618 and 618.1 for Policy and procedure information regarding Performance Appraisals.

Remission of Fees

Application for Faculty and Staff Remission of Fees
All Remission of Fees Forms are to be submitted to the Cash Management Department.

Public Records Request Form

Public Records Request for Human Resources Information
This form is to be used by everyone requesting information from the Human Resources Department.

Payroll Forms | Back to the Top

Biweekly Time Sheet

All time sheets are to be delivered to the Payroll Department.

Leave Form

Leave Forms are to be delivered to the Payroll Department.

Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Use this form to arrange for Direct Deposit of your payroll check. Fill it out and deliever it, along with a voided check, directly to the Payroll Department.


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