Student Employment


Step 1 of Hiring Process

Students will complete the forms listed below to create a personnel file for the school year.  The packet is required to be completed at the beginning of each new school year. All forms must be completed with signatures, and hand delivered to Human Resources.


I - 9 Important Information:

Employers have been required to use Form I-9 to comply with federal requirements to verify employment eligibility. Each time an individual begins a new job, they must complete Section 1. The employer (the direct supervisor) is responsible for completing Section 2.  In order to complete the form the following items will need to be with you at the time of form completion:

Go to YouTube for a short video about completing the I-9 Form, or click here for instructions.


Step 1 of Hiring Process

Supervisor and selected student employee will begin the first step of the E.P.A.F process and the Student Employment Packet.  As a supervisor, check for the Electronic Personnel Action Form link on the Employee tab in MyCSU. If you do not have the link, please send a request to  A confirmation will be sent once the link has been added.

Review the Student Employment E.P.A.F Schedule first to determine the student's start date.  The most important column on the schedule is "If Current Date is After." The deadlines are important and cannot be changed.  Please print a copy for future use.

Step 2 of Hiring Process

Using the Supervisors/Front Page, enter the information from the document into the E.P.A.F. system in MyCSU.  To complete the E.P.A.F. process, be sure to save and submit the electronic form. 


Step 3 of Hiring Process

Visit your Originator Summary Queue often to find out the status of your E.P.A.F.  Once the status is updated to "Completed" you may contact your student employee with a start date.


Instruction Manuals for Supervisors & Students