Training and Development

Employee Handbook

This document was created as a reference guide for all University Employees.
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Sexual Harassment

Central State University is offering a new way for employees and students to learn about preventing sexual harassment. CSU is also offering this opportunity to its vendors, partners, businesses, and individuals in the Greene County Community. This online training explains the definitions of sexual harassment, the federal laws governing sexual harassment, the Central State University policies and procedures concerning sexual harassment, as well as how to report offensive behaviors.

Employee Requirements
All Central State University employees are required to complete the training annually.
All new employees have 60 days from their hire date to successfully complete the training.
All Central State University employees are required to score at least a 80% to sucessfully complete the training.

Link to Sexual Harassment E-Training

Employee Development

Career Development Experience

This program was developed to provide professionals across campus with exposure to areas outside of their expertise. The program will create opportunities for participants to spend time shadowing an employee in another department. This is intended to facilitate an environment for learning, understanding, mutual respect and teamwork.

Career Development Experience(CDE) Request

Employee Development Courses

Central State University has a mission to provide the highest level of service possible for our students.

In keeping with this mission, the Department of Human Resources is offering a number of courses to assist all employees in reaching their full potential.

Courses are being offered in four tracks:

  • Process College- This series is designed to inform employees on the  policies and procedures that are to be followed to ensure efficient and effective University operations.
  • Professional College- A series of courses offered to all University employees, featuring a wide range of topics and presenters.
  • Management College- A series of courses geared toward those in supervisory and management roles, featuring a wide range of topics and presenters.
  • Wellness College- Courses focusing on various aspects of wellness such as social, physical, financial, and occupational, featuring a wide range of topics and presenters.

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Employee Development College Presentations

To better sevice the campus community Human Resources Department posts Employee Development College Trainings. The presentations and webnairs serves as helpful training tools for new and veteran employees. All Universtiy employees are encourage to view and attend Employee Development College Trainings.


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