Sponsored Programs & Research

a. Restricted Funds Policy (300) and Procedures (300.1)

b. Sponsored Projects and Research Conflict of Interest (306)

c. Financial Conflict of Interest Screening/Disclosure Form (306)

d. Human Subjects Research (Institutional Review Board-IRB: Policy 309Procedure 309.1)

1. Application Form

2. Check-off List for Conducting Research Involving Human Subjects Form

3. Consent To Participate In Research Form

4. Consent to Participate in a [insert type of interview] Form

5. Does my research qualify for expedited Review

6. Academic Year 2012/13 IRB Meeting Calendar

7. IRB Bylaws

e. Intellectual Property (310)

f. Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct (311)

g. Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct - Procedure (311.1)