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Minority-serving higher ed institutions take lead on upward mobility
Posted on Tuesday July 31, 2018

An American Council on Education report finds that minority-serving schools move low-income students up from the lowest income brackets at two to three times the rates of non-minority-serving institutions. 

College students learning online, but stepping on campus
Posted on Tuesday July 31, 2018

Like their peers on campus, students enrolled in online programs benefit when they feel included in a community. Colleges cater to this population by offering in-person special events and extended office hours.

Video conferencing on campus
Posted on Tuesday July 31, 2018

University Business (UB) and Polycom collaborated to develop a survey to explore the use of technologies such as video conferencing in higher education. It was deployed to the UB audience on May 11, 2018, and some 213 respondents participated, from a variety of campus departments, and from many different types and sizes of institutions across the country.

Polycom provides video, voice and content sharing solutions that empower educators to deliver the next generation of immersive, collaborative learning experiences.

Impact of STEM at The University of Arizona
Posted on Monday July 30, 2018

Impact of STEM at The University of Arizona Involvement in the Association of American Universities Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative grew into the UA Learning Initiative.

The initiative includes:

Link to main story: STEM shifts in higher ed

STEM shifts in higher ed
Posted on Friday July 06, 2018

How science, technology, engineering and math instruction is changing the ways in which colleges teach

What began as a push to increase the number and diversity of students studying STEM has evolved into a full-scale effort to improve teaching and learning.

College faculty learn to embed career guidance in instruction
Posted on Friday June 29, 2018

Up to 500 faculty at 25 higher ed institutions will become better equipped to help students prepare for career and workplace success.

Helping higher ed students avoid post-graduation pitfalls
Posted on Thursday June 28, 2018

Some colleges and universities tailor their financial literacy courses to students in the immediate transition from campus to the bigger world.

Using Video to Drive Student Success
Posted on Friday June 01, 2018

Improving teaching and learning, while deepening student engagement

Today’s students have expectations that their courses provide flexible, easy-to-access video content and blended learning environments, but implementing video such as lecture capture platforms at scale across campus—and in a way that drives student success—can be challenging.

Innovative partnerships deliver on a commitment to “greener” learning environments
Posted on Friday June 01, 2018

Analog Tools like the TUL system are sustainable, eco-friendly and personalize learning

Talk about the importance of sustainability to the institutional success of colleges and universities.

Challenges in managing huddle rooms
Posted on Tuesday May 29, 2018

Perspective from companies involved in the design of huddle rooms

As huddle rooms within academic buildings grow in popularity, what challenges—perhaps unexpected ones—tend to crop up for administrators and professors? 

Challenges in using data to evaluate faculty
Posted on Tuesday May 29, 2018

Providers were asked: How well are colleges using data to measure faculty performance, and what related areas need the most improvements?

“Colleges will typically show the faculty how their scores compare to others at the school, usually those in the same department. But they rarely ask the instructors how they plan to improve any low scores they've earned or coach them how to do so. Closing this feedback loop will improve the students' experience.”

—Howard Walters,

Colleges develop faculty evaluation equations
Posted on Tuesday May 22, 2018

3 ways to make effectiveness data work in faculty performance evaluations

Measuring faculty effectiveness has never been a perfect science—and it has always held potential for contention among instructors and administrators.

Colleges serve up culinary medicine courses
Posted on Tuesday May 22, 2018


More than 40 medical schools have added culinary medicine programs to the menu to help students better understand how to combat obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Higher ed experiencing a boom in huddle rooms
Posted on Thursday May 10, 2018

Ideas for taking advantage of academic breakout room spaces

Whether you call them huddle rooms, breakout rooms or collaboration rooms, small group spaces cropping up in various campus buildings are changing the way academic facilities are used.

Creating a Campuswide Professional Learning Platform
Posted on Tuesday May 01, 2018

Centralizing training to better meet institutional needs

When it comes to professional development and compliance training for faculty, staff and student employees, many institutions rely on a large number of siloed, separate systems. By moving to a central, shared learning platform, institutions are able to track and report on the progress of training, plan better for the future, and more effectively meet business needs across departments.