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Pop-up higher ed courses respond to events in real time
Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

An the last few years, a handful of higher ed institutions have offered multisession “pop-up courses” that faculty can design quickly for students who want to earn credit for studying events in real time.

Higher ed liberal arts degrees on the upswing
Posted on Friday December 22, 2017

How new data helps schools make the ROI case

Despite the big push for STEM majors and career-focused skills in recent years, the liberal arts seem to be making a resurgence.

2018 higher ed outlook
Posted on Friday December 22, 2017

UB’s fourth annual year-ahead issue reveals the latest trends and predictions for higher education in 2018

Read on for a closer look ahead at where administrators in various functional roles will be this year—and what actions other institutions are making in 2018.

Teaching college students about copyright law: An experiment with impact
Posted on Tuesday December 19, 2017

How to provide students with new insights into intellectual property

In the fall of 2015, Muhlenberg College President John Williams asked if I would teach a copyright law course to interested undergraduate students.

Higher ed student success: Web registry gives greater clarity to credentials
Posted on Monday December 18, 2017

The development of career-oriented academic programs will, in the coming years, increasingly rely on collaboration between institutions and industry.

How Medicinal Plant Chemistry students will be taught
Posted on Tuesday November 28, 2017


Phase one of the Northern Michigan University Medical Plant Chemistry program will be getting students familiar with how the compounds behave on the chemistry lab instruments.

With the growth of medicinal and legalized marijuana products, the program will focus on setting baselines for the numerous strains available through marijuana dispensaries and elsewhere.

Nation’s first marijuana college major prepares grads for a growing field
Posted on Tuesday November 28, 2017


The new “marijuana major” at Northern Michigan University, the Medicinal Plant Chemistry program, is the first U.S. undergraduate major in the study of cannabinoids.

College teachers-in-training prep with virtual students
Posted on Thursday November 23, 2017


The University of Wyoming now uses an augmented reality platform with a simulated class as part of its teacher education program.

Textbook Economics: Winning the Cost Battle Through Digital Tools
Posted on Thursday November 16, 2017

Faced with rising costs of higher education, many students are deciding not to purchase required course materials, therefore going through their semester without the tools they need to learn and succeed. Some 50 percent of students say avoiding or delaying these purchases negatively impacts their grades. As a result, more institutions are taking advantage of digital tools and platforms, which provide students and faculty with immersive, engaging content while providing required materials to all students on or before the first day of classes at a lower cost.

Attend this web seminar to learn more about the benefits of these digital platforms for institutions, faculty and students, and some strategies for implementing digital course materials on any campus. Our presenters will discuss key findings of a survey about the topic, and highlight case study examples from three different institutions who are using digital course materials successfully.

Scheduled speakers:

Mike Hale
VP, Education

Nathan Richter
Wakefield Research

Who will benefit: Higher ed administrators interested in course materials or digital tools. Anyone may attend.

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Thu, 12/07/2017
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New higher ed president starts tenure at RIT
Posted on Monday October 16, 2017

David Munson is the new president of Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.

Bridging the gap between college campus and workplace
Posted on Wednesday September 27, 2017

Why smart classroom design matters

The criteria employers use to evaluate recent college graduates for jobs in the real world of today have changed dramatically.

New higher ed math mandates in the Golden State
Posted on Thursday September 21, 2017

The 23-campus California State University system has eliminated two of the largest barriers facing incoming freshmen pursuing non-STEM majors.

Education And Occupation
Posted on Friday September 15, 2017

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September 14, 2017

Learn the innovative ways colleges and universities are addressing the career readiness of their students.

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Rethinking the business of college education
Posted on Thursday September 14, 2017

How a data-driven model can help universities improve learning assessment and costs

William Massy, an expert microeconomist, shows how administrators and faculty can improve education, research and affordability in his book Reengineering the University.

University president has faith in the future
Posted on Wednesday September 13, 2017

Jairy Hunter sets course for Charleston Southern University’s future as he prepares to step down after 34 years

Under Jairy Hunter’s leadership, Charleston Southern changed its name when it achieved university status, dropping the word “Baptist” in 1990.