Executive Summary

The Central State University Strategic Plan is the foundation for our future as we prepare to ascend to new heights of excellence, achievement, and preeminence. Our three tenets of Service…Protocol…Civility® are undergirded by the mission, vision, and values of this great institution of higher learning. Our six Compelling Priorities are aligned with our goals and objectives to ensure that our collective efforts are both measurable and efficacious. We are developing innovative leaders who will be global decision-makers. We are enthusiastically embracing the future as an 1890 land-grant institution, and this Plan is the first step in integrating the land-grant mission with the University’s.

The Strategic Plan is designed to address challenges related to course completion, retention rate, and graduation rate. The Plan should be used as a guide for promoting our compelling priorities with the understanding that its implementation is subject to the availability of funds and the direction and intent of the state and Ohio Board of Regents.

The Strategic Plan is divided into four implementation phases. Phase I culminates in the production of a draft Strategic Plan (completed). Phase II includes the development of a final Strategic Plan. Phase III focuses on budget allocations and capacity building activities necessary for timely implementation. Phase IV involves the evaluation and the development of a progress report predicated on continuous improvement and institutional effectiveness.

IEMStudent success is at the core of everything we do at Central State University. We embrace an Institutional Effectiveness Model that focuses on student success initiatives that are geared toward improving course completion, retention, and graduation rates. To achieve these outcomes, the Strategic Plan updates the vision and mission of the University, incorporates its newly designated land-grant status, and defines compelling priorities that will guide budget allocations and alignments. Central to these initiatives, the University will continue to rely on data analytics to guide its drive for continuous improvement through thoughtful strategies resulting from planning, implementation, assessment, evaluation, and improvement, thus closing the loop.

The remainder of this executive summary outlines the phases of the Strategic Plan, the major goals for each of the six Compelling Priorities, the implementation strategies for each goal, and an overview of the evaluation plan.

Phases of Strategic Plan 2014-2020

Phase I - 2013-2014 – Initial Planning

Phase II - 2014-2015 - Development

Phase III - 2014–2019 – Budget and Implementation

Phase IV - 2020 – Evaluation

Compelling Priorities: Goals

Compelling Priority #1: Provide a quality collegiate and academic experience
Central State University will

Compelling Priority #2: Targeted Student Enrollment
Central State University will

Compelling Priority #3: Reduced Time to Degree
Central State University will

Compelling Priority #4: Higher Retention Rate
Central State University will

Compelling Priority #5: Development of Graduates with Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions for Professional Careers or Advanced Studies

Central State University will

Compelling Priority #6: Efficient and Effective Institutional Operations
Central State University will

Assessment and Evaluation
Evaluation of the Strategic Plan will occur as follows:

During each fiscal year, interim reports on the progress of the implementation of the Strategic Plan will be a given at each quarterly CSU Board of Trustees meeting. At the end of each assessment period, a formative evaluation will be completed and a report will be submitted to the President and her Cabinet. The President will report on the progress of the Plan to the Board of Trustees in her annual report.  A summative evaluation will be completed at the end of each implementation cycle as defined in the Plan.