Message from the Strategic Planning Steering Committee


The first phase of the strategic planning process has ended. From numerous comments we have received, it was a rewarding experience for all who participated. The process involved many stakeholders including the president and her cabinet, local school district superintendents, mayor of the City of Xenia, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and others who served on several committees and/or attended the town hall meetings.

Throughout the process, the tenets of Service...Protocol...Civility® served as the guiding principle for all conversations, which led to robust discussions and sound recommendations. In addition, the process fostered a culture of transparency that gave many individuals in the community access to University's data, challenges, and opportunities.  For all of us, we gained additional insights into the intricate workings of our University and can now speak more knowledgeably about the institution. The net result is that we have built capacity and understanding on the campus.

As we create a promising tomorrow for our current students and those who will matriculate at Central State University in the future, this plan serves as our guide and lays the roadmap for the next six years, culminating in 2020. We have defined our goals, we have identified the appropriate strategies for reaching those goals, we have integrated our land-grant status into our mission, and we have acknowledged the importance of our tenets in how we relate to one another.

On behalf of the Steering Committee, I express our gratitude to all who participated in the Strategic Planning process, especially to President Jackson-Hammond for her guidance.

For the Strategic Planning Steering Committee,

Charles Wesley Ford, Jr., Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Strategic Planning Steering Committee, Chair