Compelling Priority #4: Higher Retention Rate

In order to improve graduation rates, Central State University must retain its students in higher numbers through strategic monitoring and implementation of best practices.

Central State University will Strategies and structures for achieving this goal Responsible Unit(s) Timeline

4.1 Implement comprehensive models of retention that can be integrated throughout the entire university with full university accountability

Every academic and support unit will develop a retention plan with benchmarks and evaluation systems


  1. The College Completion Plan is being updated to include a retention plan.
  2. Each College is revising its retention plan.


4.1.2 Utilize tutoring and mentoring resources offered through units such as University College, TRIO, and Center for Student Opportunities
  1. Increased University College tutoring budget through Title III
  2. University College and TRIO continue to provide tutoring to eligible students.
  3. University College offered fifteen (15) study, academic, and personal skills development workshops for participants throughout the semester.
  4. Took 74 participants to the Cloak & Dagger and Tyler Perry Play – Madea On the Run Live Play. 
  5. Fourteen (14) participants were inducted into the Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society.
  6. Awarded $35,851.00 in grant aid to 56 participants.
4.1.3 Complete the Early Alert System for all students
  1. An early alert system is functional and available for freshmen. Alerts for upperclassmen are scheduled to be functional in fall 2016.
4.1.4 Begin career planning during the first-year experience
  1. Career planning continues to be emphasized in the FYS classes and during the fall/spring career fairs.
  2. FYS students are required to send their resumes to Career Services for review.
4.1.5 Conduct ongoing/consistent university-wide advisor training
  1. Training materials for advisors are available in Faculty Central, the Blackboard resource for faculty and advisors.
4.1.6 Integrate best practices from NCAA student requirements into University College retention efforts
  1. Some of the best practices that come from NCAA requirements include the following: (1) every course that athletes take must count toward graduation, (2) identify at-risk student athletes, (3) require advisor student meeting (4) monitor grades and class attendance (5) require students who are not making satisfactory academic progress to attend study tables.
  2. University requires all advisors to develop an action plan for each student that incorporates best practices identified in
4.1.7 Implement program requirements for financial literacy to avert student financial delinquency
  1. All students who receive institutional aid are required to complete financial literacy sessions as a condition of continued eligibility for financial assistance.
  2. Financial literacy is embedded in the FYS courses.
4.1.8 Implement an effective monitoring and advising model for each college Beacon Early Alert System is being rolled out to the upperclassmen in Fall 2016.