Message from the President

Central State University is a transformative and evolving institution of higher education!  Through a well-developed, dynamic Strategic Plan, we will continue to positively transform the lives of students and communities by always remaining current, visionary and impactful to the goals of Ohio and the nation.

The 2014-2020 Strategic Plan identifies our mission, vision, values, beliefs and strategies that will guide our path toward institutional effectiveness. Foremost in the Strategic Plan is our commitment to implement six Compelling Priorities that are aligned with ensuring that the University is accountable to students, their families and stakeholders. The Strategic Plan represents the collective wisdom of the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, administrators, students and community partners.

Central State University has met the expectations of thousands of alums for more than 127 years.  Guided by the Strategic Plan, the University will continue to provide the state and surrounding areas with quality graduates who have the knowledge, skills and dispositions for leadership and sustainability in economic, socio-cultural and political arenas.

I invite you to read the 2014-2020 Strategic Plan, share your comments and engage with the University. We are taking bold steps and embracing new galaxies of change and opportunities that will position the University to meet the challenges and ventures of the 21st century.

Join Central State University in creating a…Promising Tomorrow!

Cynthia Jackson-Hammond, Ed.D.