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honors dorm

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Sep 21, 2009 - 3:24:58 PM

    Central State University will have a new honors dorm fall semester. As part of the plan, Hunter Hall will have a new hall coordinator, a brand new conference room, a computer lab on the first floor, and upgraded bathrooms and showers.
    “The reason for creating the honors hall next fall is to give honored students an environment full of like minded students who are dedicated and determined to achieve on a high level academically,” Resident Life Associate Director Charlisha Rankin said. “Most campuses have (honors dorms).”
    Students living in Hunter Hall will have to possess and uphold a 3.0 grade point average. The university will also allow ten incoming freshman — with the highest grade point average — to live in Hunter.  Resident life staff believe that the honors hall will raise the value of being an honors student at Central State University. They also believe that it will help attract more high quality students to Central.     Hunter Hall is not the only dormitory undergoing changes and improvements. After comparing the female and male sides of Foundation 2, Residence Life decided to move upper class males into Green Hall and freshman males into Anderson and Williamson halls. “I don’t think Foundation 2 can handle another year of damage,” Residence Life Director Raynaldo Gillus said.  
    Freshman and sophomore females will be moved to Foundation Hall 2. Residence life faculty believe that female students will maintain the building and keep it more appealing. As part of the changes, Foundation 2 will get a new computer lab.
    Most returning juniors and senior will reside in Foundation 1, except for males living in Green.

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