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Hot Potatoe 'Who Will Take The Blame'

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Mar 13, 2008 - 10:38:21 AM

Wilberforce Universities’ athletic program is in complete disarray.
. The only sport that Wilberforce has is basketball. The men’s and women’s basketball teams’ records are both under .500 this year. Who will take the blame for their lack luster performances? Their lack of success is a hot topic of conversation on campus.
The students express on a daily basis that they want to root for their school, but that it can be very discouraging when the teams lose more than they win. The questions most often asked are:” Do we lose because of inadequate coaching?” and”Do we need better players?” We have a good core group of players but we lack the coaching”, says Keith Moore a Rehabilitation Services major senior.
Keith’s theory could be true. Even a casual basketball fan can see this when they attend a Wilberforce basketball game. The players have good skills, but they play with no focus or direction. They do not play as a cohesive unit. Teams usually mirror their leaders, or in the case of these two teams the lack of leaders.
Students do not just complain, though many students offer their insights.
. “The coaches have to be coaches and the players have to think more team oriented”, says Jared Little a Business Management sophomore. De Andre Johnson said,” I root for my school regardless, I wear my school colors with pride.” It is good to know that through all the turmoil and lack of production that students still believe in their teams.
I think we should rally for the cause. Everyone on this campus has to take a part in the program. It is not enough to celebrate, or praise the players and coaches when they win. They need to be encouraged like everyone else regularly. I strongly feel that we should accentuate more on the positive. We have stellar student athletes. A great
majority of our athletes do well academically as well as athletically. Our campus thrives
on the close knitted family environment. Family is supposed to support each other regardless of performance

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