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Delta Sigma Theta

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Apr 24, 2008 - 10:46:23 AM

     The devastating divas of the Delta Kappa Chapter, presented Central State University with an excellent night show last night. They walked in, clinched together as one with their hoods hiding their faces not letting anyone knowing who they are. Their show was displayed in the parking lot of the Louis Stokes Center after being moved from the barn and it was a very pleasant turn out for these wonderful women. Many students came out to show their support to the six brave women who have finally made it through as Deltas. These women are now part of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc, Delta Kappa Chapter. After a short stand off from 2006, these women regained what Central State was missing, and that was a new line of devastating divas.

     The following day, the Deltas entertained the students with another show, their day show where these women were dressed to impress. They were holding on to each other in a straight line,  putting on a display and chanting. The day show was held in front of the Ward Center here at Central State University. Like the previous night, there was another positive turn out for these women, just without the hoods covering half of their faces. Revealing their faces this time, unlike last night, these women walked in, linking up with one another vocalizing chants.

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