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Career Services

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Apr 24, 2008 - 10:43:52 AM

                The career services center is providing students with the tools to prepare them for successful and exciting careers. For years the center has been equipped with the qualified staff that assists in building resumes, instilling self-esteem and brings in respected companies that are looking for well qualified students that have the skill and knowledge to work. The center is firmly established with the university and is only progressing as the years go on.

                The career service of Central State University is a place where students can go to receive advising on career placement, which is located on the first floor of the Norman E. Ward building. The career services center provides great opportunities to students of all classifications. Mrs. Lesa Taylor DeVond who is the director of career services provides students with the necessary material to assist in career making decisions.” As a communication major the career services center provided the necessary resources for me to attain the internship required for my graduation.” (Mais Ali senior Central State University)  Through the center internships, jobs, co-op, job shadowing and interviewing workshops are available. Many students may only take advantage of the services when it is their senior year in college, but the best way to prepare for a career after graduation is to prepare early.

                The center study lounge is furnished with computers so students are able to complete applications to potential jobs and resumes. It is also equipped with educational magazines so students can learn how to produce cover letters and résumés independently. “The environment is one of the key elements that makes me comfortable with going into the career services center.” Wilford Perry   With the elements of having a suitable work area and staff that provides students with the necessary materials needed to succeed, every student is capable of graduating with the proper skills to obtain a career.

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