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Bike Rack

Posted in: Gold Torch

Sep 23, 2009 - 10:18:30 AM

As the semester goes on, not one bike as been chained to the lonely bike rack near Foundation Hall II. The bike rack was built before students returned in fall semester. It caught the eye of students, but no one has put it to use.  
 “It’s pointless. They tried to add to the campus, but it didn’t work,” junior JaNae Miller laughed. “The reality is nobody rides bikes.” Miller has been a resident at Foundation Hall II for three years now and says this is one of the silliest things that she’s seen added.
“We get a new bike rack, but we need a new parking lot,” junior Bianca McGuire said. The Foundation Hall II parking lot is located about a ten minute walk from the residence hall. Students want a more convenient lot.
It does not make sense to some students to build a rack rack when students don’t seem interested in riding bikes to class.

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