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31st Annual Presidents Convocation

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Apr 24, 2008 - 10:51:31 AM

31st Annual President Honors Convocation


Wilberforce University’s 31st Annual Presidents Honors Convocation awards ceremony was held to honor students for their academic excellence. The event took place in the Alumni Multiplex gymnasium at Wilberforce.

On April 8, 2008 parents and friends gathered to cheer and celebrate as their loved ones received awards for outstanding academic performance. “This is a celebration of scholarship and leadership” comments Provost Patricia L. Hardaway.

This annual Presidents honors convocation was started 31 years ago by President Charles E. Taylor. Convocation was established to recognize and award students who personify scholastic achievement during an academic school year. The awards are given by professors in each major department and discipline at Wilberforce. The recipient is awarded a scholarship for various amounts of money as an incentive to continue in there success. Not only is the money an incentive, but it is very helpful for matriculating students to pay their school fees.

Over one hundred students sat in attendance anticipating their names being announced. Each recipient was individually recognized and called to the stage for a group photo. The students were warmly received and applauded for their great academic excellence.

Some students received multiple scholarship awards.

Among some of the students awarded was 4.0 student Kenya P. Carrington who received five awards, and 4.0 student Sierra J Austin received three awards for her academic excellence.

“Its good to see students cheering for an occasion such as this” comments provost Hardaway in her closing statements. The 31st annual Presidents Honors Convocation was concluded with a video farewell to President Floyd Flake. President Floyd Flake will step down from office on June 30th 2008. He will be dearly missed by many students and faculty.

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