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The Legislative Branch of the Student Government consists of the Student Senate. The Senate consists of eight student senators. Each senator's duty includes participation in one standing committee of Student Government Association and is required to work on at least three action reports per month, or as issued to them by the Student Governement Association President or Vice-President.

The class President serves as an elected representative of their respective classes in the Student Governerment Association. They communicate the concerns of their class to the Student Government Association to their class. The class president should act in the best interest of the Student Government Association and the class that they represent.

Student Trustees serve as the Central State University student representative to the university Board of Trustees. Student Trustees are required to make one monthly report to the Student Government Association on Board of Trustee matters.



Everett Johnson - Academic Affairs Senator

Sarah Gibson - Activities Senator

Iris Warren - Athletics/Health and Wellnes

Norman Houston - Commuter Senator

Jasmine Garner - IOC Senator

Cyndi Brown - Multicultural Affairs Senator

Zuriel Clark - NPHC Senator

Alexa Turner - Residence Life Senator

Chellvie Brooks - Service Learning Senator

Lamarr Cole - Student Affairs Senator

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