Student Organizations

Student Organizations

There are approximately 30 student organizations operating on campus. These student organizations are classified under six categories: Academic, Business, Special Interest, Religions, Honorary and Greek letter organizations. The Office of the University Center and Student Development in conjunction with the SGA's Inter organization Committee monitors the recognized student organizations activities.

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents the student body by serving as the liaison between the students and the administration. The SGA, faculty and staff share the responsibility of making decisions that affect campus life. The SGA has an executive and legislative board.

The Student Government Association seeks to maintain a spirit of cooperation in the activities of the University and encourages student initiative through service. The SGA also oversees many student activities and serves as an advisory body in many areas of the University.
The SGA office is located in the Norman E. Ward, Sr. University Center. Responsibilities of the SGA and information concerning student participation in the various phases of self-governance are detailed in the Student Handbook.

The Greek letter organizations are governed by the CSU National Pan-Hellenic Council. Both governing bodies are overseen by the Director of the University Center and Student Development. Students are encouraged to seek membership and actively participate in student organizations at Central State. These student organizations enhance the campus community and provide students with the opportunity to develop responsibility and leadership outside the classroom.


Student Organizations
Alpha Phi Alpha - Delta Xi Chapter
Kappa Alpha Psi-Delta Zeta chapter
Pre-Law Society
Daughters of Nia Anaya
Mu Phi Epsilon
Studio - C
The Black Oak Project (Drama)