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Veronne Clark

Veronne Clark is the daughter of Command Sergeant Major Robert L. & Veronica E. Clark from South Carolina.  Veronne is a proud military legacy that had the opportunity to travel the world. She graduated from Eisenhower High School in Lawton, Oklahoma in 2011. Currently she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

Veronne serves as the President of the positive organization on campus - S.T.E.P.S (Struggles Transform into Extraordinary Possibilities of Success), SAAC Representative (Student Athlete Advisory Community), Student Ambassador, and the captain of the Central State University women’s basketball team. Although she is very active on campus she makes education her first priority. Veronne has been on the Dean’s List every semester since attending CSU.

When asked why she ran for the position of Ms. Central State University Veronne replied, “I ran for the position of Ms. Central State University not for the crown but for the desire to impact others. Growing up I was the little tomboy with a voice and a big heart. I never really understood how important standing for something meant, until I made that transition to college. I want my peers to recognize that their voice matters, that their thoughts and well-being matter. I want to encourage my peers to exploit their originality and be bold. As we are the next generation of greats, we are the next leaders, the next innovators and the next to stand for that in which we believe. I want to inspire my peers to voice their vision into reality.”

As a freshman, Veronne never imagined that she would be Ms. Central State University. She tells us that the growth Central State University has in store for its students is both remarkable and life changing. Veronne said, “I capitalized on my experience here at Central by being active. Central State University helped mold me into a young woman that’s ready to take on society. I used my social and networking skills to embrace my full potential; it’s so humbling to see the growth.”

She draws her inspiration from her family and the little girl inside of her who did not understand the importance of a voice. “My family means the world to me. My father pushed me to be ambitious and I thank him for that.”

Veronne’s future goals are to earn a doctoral degree in psychology and work with Ebony, Essence and a variety of magazines to bring awareness to the world about societal issues, fashion and the importance of well-being.

Veronne’s advice to other students is:

Don’t be afraid of succeeding; embrace opportunities to grow. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone to see progress in your life and remember to be true to yourself. To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.


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