Career Services

Welcome to the Office of Career Services!

Career Services at Central State University (CSU) is an essential office on our campus, serving as a resource to help students evaluate their career options, plan for their future, and achieve success. As a unit within the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Career Services acts as a bridge to opportunities beyond the university.  Career Services provides more than just assistance to help a student decide on a major or what job they will secure upon graduation, but it functions as a support system to guide students on how to strategically plan their career path through the use of counseling, self-assessment tools, and other comprehensive resources.

Career Services complements the academic environment through providing experiential learning opportunities and programming to enhance students’ knowledge, skills, and dispositions within their chosen career fields. This plan outlines the programs and services, goals, desired outcomes, and department initiatives, which align with the university’s 2014-2020 Strategic Plan Compelling Priority #5: Development of graduates with the knowledge, skills and dispositions for professional careers and/or advanced studies.   Furthermore, this plan focuses on the expansion of existing services and the development of new initiatives to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of the center.

We guide our students on how to make sound career and life decisions through the variety of resources, programs, counseling on career development, and graduate school selection. We desire for our students to grow holistically during their collegiate career, and through the support from this unit they will be more equipped and prepared to attain their life goals.

Mission Statement

The mission of Career Services is to assist current CSU students to identify and fulfill their career goals. We serve students from the point of their admission throughout their matriculation at the institution. It is our intent to help them understand who they are as developing professionals and how they connect their academic and real-world knowledge and skills to their careers.

Objectives: The Career Service Unit

Hours of Operation:  Monday–Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM   Extended Hours: by Appointment Only

Mrs. Karla H. Harper
University Student Center, Suite 217

Ms. Stephanie Russell
Career/Data Specialist
University Student Center, Suite 217

Ms. Breana Smith
Career Specialist
University Student Center, Suite 217