Welcome to the Office of Career Services. It is best to begin thinking about your major and career path early!  The Office of Career Services prepares students for the graduate school application process and to seek and secure entry level positions in their chosen fields.

All students who utilize the center must submit a professional résumé and sign the Family Rights and Privacy Act Form (Buckley Amendment). To clear for graduation, prospective candidates must complete the Graduate Exit Form and provide an electronic copy of their résumé.

Students are highly encouraged to attend programs, utilize office services and register for placement services no later than the first quarter of their sophomore year.

Our seminars include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal Statements, interviewing tips ad test taking strategies
    • Skill counseling
    • Self assessment: The Golden Personality Type Profiler




Marauder Jobs is an online job and internship database that connects you with employers looking to hire CSU students. Use Simplicity to view and apply for:

  • Career (Post-Graduation) Listings
  • Cooperative Education and Internship Listings
  • On-Campus Job Listings
  • Off-Campus Part-time and Seasonal Job Listings
  • Online Interview Schedules

Current students can access their Marauder Jobs account by logging into the box below using their username and password.

Marauder Jobs Log-in

Additional Resources: