Tuition Payment Plans

Tuition Payment Plan

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Education expenses are easier to pay when spread over predictable monthly payments. The Monthly Payment Plan is administered by Tuition Management Systems. The Monthly Payment Plan is an alternative to large annual or term payments and helps limit borrowing. It is available for a small annual or term enrollment fee and includes:

For costs and schedules, toll-free phone numbers, or to enroll, visit

In addition, free Education Payment Advice helps you make informed choices about limiting your loan debt by combining this payment option with any educational loan of your choice. If you must borrow, borrow only what you need. Keep your monthly payments within your budget and reduce debt burden after graduation.

Expecting loans, grants or possible financial aid? No need to wait. Enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan and your monthly payment can be adjusted at any time during the year, so visit for costs and schedules, toll-free phone numbers, or to enroll today.

You must log into your payment plan to make your monthly payments to avoid the plan going into delinquent status.

Once you have set up a payment plan if there are any changes to your award or you receive additional funds you must contact the Cash Management Office or Nelnet/TMS to request adjustments or cancellation of your plan. Request must be made 7 to 10 before your scheduled payment due date.