Make a Payment

Monthly electronic bills are available during the term via the QuikPAY® Online Billing and Payment System.

Students have access to the QuikPAY® Online Billing and Payment System through MyCSU, but must assign a parent or guardian an Authorized Payer Account to access QuikPAY®. A parent or guardian will only be able to obtain billing information and make an online payment in QuikPAY®.

NOTE:  Pop-up blockers must be disabled to access the QuikPAY® Online Billing and Payment System.  Hold down the Ctrl key before clicking the link, if you have pop-up blockers enabled.


  1. Students access via MyCSU by clicking on the Student tab and selecting QuikPAY®.

  2. Menu options are listed on the left hand side of the screen in QuikPAY®.

  3. Payment Profiles allows a user to enter banking or credit card information that is stored for payment processing.  This allows a user to select this payment information, so re-entry of the information is not required each time a payment is made.  This selection is optional.

  4. Authorize Payers allows a student to set-up an account for a parent/guardian to gain access to the QuikPAY® System.  The Authorized Payer will receive an e-mail with their user name and the link to the Authorized Payer log-in site.  For security purposes, the Authorized Payer will not receive their password in the e-mail.  The student must provide the initial password to the Authorized Payer.  A link to the Authorized Payer log-in site is also available on our website at

  5. User Preferences allows a Student or Authorized Payer to update e-mail addresses and notification preferences.  The Student’ primary e-mail address is their MyCSU e-mail; however, a secondary e-mail address may be also established.  Under this option, the student may also choose to receive an e-mail payment confirmation or an e-mail notification when an authorized payer makes a payment.

  6. View Accounts allows a Student or Authorized Payer to review the current statement or past statements. Selecting either Current Statement or Statement History to view. You will be able to obtain this statement in printable format by clicking on the PDF option Printable Statement at the top right corner of the statement.

  7. Make Payment should be selected to submit an online payment to your account.  Electronic check and credit cards (VISA, MasterCard and Discover) are available options.  You are not required to make a payment for the amount listed under Amount Due.  You will be prompted to enter the amount you wish to pay after you select the Pay option.

  8. Transaction History provides a list of all payment made to your account in QuickPay®.

  9. If you have any questions, Contact us at or call us at 937-376-6343. Mailing address is Central State University, Cash Management Office, 1004 Brush Row Rd POB 1004, Wilberforce OH 45384.

  10. Log Off is located in the top right hand corner. Your MyCSU session will remain active while you are in QuickPay® and will reappear on your screen when you log off QuickPay®.