IMM Band Gear

Future and Current Members of IMM
Band Camp 2013

Ramon Key Jr. – Director of Bands


Listed below are the items needed for band camp if you have any questions please send all inquiries to:

Contact Trophy Sports Center for the following items:

  1. University band warm up
  2. University band t-shirt (white only)
  3. University band shorts


Trophy Sports Center: 1-937-376-2311 or


Please contact: WWW.JUNGLEBOOTS.NET for your black combat boots.



All Band members are required to remit payment of $80.00 for IMM band fee at the start of Band camp. All payments can be made in the cash management office on Monday August 5, 2013 or you may opt to use the quick pay option via your MyCSU account to make payment. When paying through cash management please bring cash, check, or money order. Upon completion of your transaction you must present your receipt to Mr. Key in order to complete the band camp registration process.

The band fee includes the following:

  1. IMM music materials fee
  2. uniform cleaning and maintenance fee
  3. University official IMM hat
  4. uniform official IMM spats
  5. uniform official IMM gloves


In addition to your student band fee there is an instrument rental fee of $20.00. Instrument rental fee waivers are available to see if you qualify please contact the Director of Bands during the band camp session. All instrument rental fees will be collected by September 5, 2013.

Estimated cost of all items W/O rental fee: $210.00–$230.00