Band Audition Requirements

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All entering freshmen, first time CSU band students and transfer students must audition to be a band member or be eligible for a band scholarship. The audition is a vital part of evaluating the student's musical and technical proficiency in their instrument. The minimum audition requirements for Wind Instruments and Percussion are given.

Students do not have to be a music major to audition for a band scholarship.


A. Possess and demonstrate a characteristic sound on your preferred instrument
B. Perform the chromatic scale, preferably for the full practical range of the instrument
C. Perform all major scales for a minimum of one octave, students should be able to demonstrate a knowledge of selected minor scales
D. Perform a prepared piece(solo), preferably grade 3 or above, which would best demonstrate your music and technical capabilities
E. Demonstrate proficiency at sight reading


A. Prepared Snare Solo
B. Rudiments
C. Sight Reading
D. Proficient: Mallets and/or Timpani


Students who successfully pass the audition are not guaranteed a band scholarship nor admission to the University. Auditions may be presented live (on campus), via You Tube link, mp4 file, or DVD.

Recorded auditions must be in accordance with the following guidelines.

1. State the following dialog during the recording. (Speak Clearly)

a. Name (Your full name)
b. Address (House number, street, city, state, zip, and telephone)
c. Social Security Number
d. Intended major
e. Why did you choose Central State University?

2. Perform the audition requirements for your instrument.


3. Place your name and instrument on label.

4. Band Director's Signature for certification of authenticity.

5. Mail Media to:

Ramon W. Key Jr., Director of Bands
Central State University
Department of Fine and Performing Arts
PO Box 1004
Wilberforce, Ohio 45384