Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services

Instructor and student interact in class

The Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services provides the following services:

Peer Tutoring
This option is for students who need frequent assistance with a course. To sign up for this, a student needs to submit a tutor referral form, available at various locations within the OASIS.
This is strictly 1-to-1; tutoring sessions are private and individualized.

Drop-in Tutoring
This is intended for students who have a good grasp of the content but need a little clarification.
Students must come fully prepared with notes and textbooks. Sessions may last no more than one hour since this is meant for minor assistance.

Learning Skills Workshops
These workshops follow a regular weekly schedule, which is posted in the OASIS. These sessions do not require prior scheduling and are focused on developing skills that support content acquisition.

Finals Review Sessions
The ultimate goal is to help students highlight strong and weak areas thus deciding how to allocate their personal study time. The content covered should not be considered an exhaustive list of what will be on the final exam. The OASIS is not privy to exam contents.