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The Learning Communities Program is on the cutting edge. Universities around the country are using various models of Learning Communities to help their students succeed, to ensure students return the folllowing year, and to strengthen the kind of education the University offers. Participants in the program at Central State will take some of their classes together while working for their own success and the success of the group.

CSU’s Learning Communities is a voluntary program that gives our incoming freshman a step up in achieving academic success. Student involvement, motivation, engagement, and academic achievement are increased when participating in a Learning Community.

Central State University invites you to take an active role in your education and achieve academic success by participating in the Learning Communities Program.

The goal of the CSU Learning Communities Program is to establish a sense of cohesiveness, self-responsibility, and high standards among its students. To help achieve these goals the following advantages will be provided to LC participants:




Is LC Right For Me?

What to expect as a Learning Communities Participant

What is expected of you as a Learning Communities Participant


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