Welcome to TRiO/Student Support Services

CSU scholars, we want to welcome you to the TRiO/Student Support Services (SSS) program.  This is where you will find your second home away from home; a place to realize your academic aspirations!

Ever heard about or been in the TRiO/Upward Bound or Talent Search program in high school?  That is exactly what the TRiO/SSS program represents at the college level.

The CSU TRiO/SSS program is designed to assist disadvantaged students to stay in school in good academic standing and to successfully graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree.  The primary goal is to increase the college retention, persistence and graduation rates of the students in the program.

Is attending graduate, medical, law, or pharmacy school in your plan? No problem! TRiO/SSS works to assist junior and senior program participants with admission into a graduate, medical, law or pharmacy school.

Some of TRiO/SSS other services consist of needs assessment, personalized and individualized academic advising, referral to tutoring, study and learning skills development, cultural excursions and access to grants and scholarships.

A CSU student can be accepted into TRiO/SSS by meeting one or more of the following requirements:

  • Be a first generation college student (parents have not earned a bachelor’s degree)
  • Come from a family with limited income based on federal financial aid guidelines
  • Have a documented disability
  • Have an academic need (low GPA, low grades, low admission test scores, etc.)

TRiO/SSS will provide YOU –– the student, that additional layer of support until you graduate!  Check us out!

Dr. NseAbasi Ekpo, Director

Hallie Q. Brown Memorial Library, Room 12 lower level

FAX: 937-376-6661



Mission Statement: To create and preserve a welcoming, rich, and stimulating campus environment which will support your academic goals, nurture your spirit, and inspire you to achieve.

TRiO SSS Goal: Your success!