Office of Sponsored Programs & Research


The mission of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research is to maximize the success of the University in winning and executing project and program awards, whether in the form of grants, contracts, or sponsored research.

Grants and contracts from both government and private sources provide essential support for the sustenance and growth of the University. The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSP&R) is the focal point for ensuring that the university is successful in winning a reasonable number of such projects both in the short and long-term, and that it is successful in the administration and execution of those projects once they are awarded. In general, sponsored activities are directly related to the three-fold mission of the institution: research, teaching, and public service.


Pre-Award Activities and Post-Award Management on Externally Funded Programs Handbook






Pre-Award Information

Faculty/Staff Research Profile/Program Interest Form

Institutional Fact Sheet

Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

Proposal Review and Approval Transmittal Form

Proposal Budget Forms


Policy and Procedures

Restricted Funds Policy (300) and Procedures (300.1)

Sponsored Projects and Research Conflict of Interest (306)


Human Subjects Research (Institutional Review Board-IRB

Intellectual Property (310)

Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct (311)

Responding to Allegations of Research Misconduct - Procedure (311.1)