Office of Sponsored Programs and Research

Mission of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSP&R)

The mission of the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research is to maximize the success of the university in winning and executing project and program awards, whether in the form of grants, contracts, or sponsored research.

Grants and contracts from both government and private sources provide essential support for the sustenance and growth of the university. In recent years, there has been a shift toward contracts as the primary mechanism for channeling support from these agents to universities. This reflects the supporting agencies increasing focus on demonstrating positive and tangible results deriving from the activities they are funding. The contracted project arena is generally much more competitive than the grants arena and the requirements for performance are more stringent. Since the trend toward an increasing focus on contracts as a major avenue for making funding available to universities is likely to continue, it is important that the university position itself to capture and successfully implement a fair share of the contracted projects as well as those resulting from grants.

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSP&R) is the focal point for ensuring that the university is successful in winning a reasonable number of such projects both in the short and long-term, and that it is successful in the administration and execution of those projects once they are awarded. In general, sponsored activities are directly related to the three-fold mission of the institution: research, teaching, and public service.

Functions and  Services

OSP&R Functions

The Office of Sponsored Programs & Research is capable of assisting in the administration of grant/award/contract activities. This assistance may range from acting as the project manager, assisting in the monitoring and control of finances, managing and tracking information on policy and regulations, assisting in the preparation and submission of required reports, and assuring that milestones are met in a timely manner.

The OSP&R is an important part of the University’s support structure and seeks to assist faculty and staff members in a variety of ways, including identifying funding sources; assisting with development of proposals; pre- and post-award administration of a grant or contract. In addition, the Office is an advocate for a campus environment that is conducive to the research enterprise, and advises the administration on matters of regulatory compliance, internal sponsorship of scholarly activities, and other related issues.

The OSP&R strives to be a positive stimulus for the development of the university. The office must be active in ensuring that funding agencies are aware of, and familiar with, Central State’s capabilities and interests. The office must also ensure that the university responds to funding opportunities which are compatible with its mission, and for which it is positioned to compete. This entails: identifying key opportunities for the university, communicating them to the faculty and staff, organizing and facilitating competitive proposals, and maintaining current department capability statements.

Identification of External Funding ServicesBack to the Top

  • The OSP&R maintains a library of newsletters, publications, and electronic sources on funding opportunities.
  • The OSP&R subscribes to a computerized database; and the federal register.
  • The OSP&R has a reference library and instructional materials related to external funding.

Identify Faculty and Staff CapabilitiesBack to the Top

  • Compile a list of research and scholarly interests for faculty and staff.
  • Match interests with potential funding sources.
  • Include a profile data form in orientation packages for new faculty and staff.
  • Develop a capability handbook for Central State University.

Faculty and Staff Grantsmanship Skills DevelopmentBack to the Top

  • Provide workshops on research marketing and sponsor relationships.
  • Provide workshops on policies and procedures related to contracts and grants.
  • Provide training in proposal planning and writing.
  • Provide training in project management.

Dissemination of Funding InformationBack to the Top

  • Publish and distribution of bi-annual newsletter on proposal submissions, awards and other funding related topics.
  • Distribute daily electronic notices to faculty and staff about opportunities and deadlines.

Liaison with SponsorsBack to the Top

  • Discuss upcoming proposals with funding sources.
  • Visit with sponsors and invite sponsors to Central State University.
  • Review and interpret program priorities, funding levels and eligible entities.
  • Follow up with submitted proposals and attempt to expedite their review.

Proposal DevelopmentBack to the Top

  • Consult with faculty and staff on proposal drafts.
  • Provide technical assistance in completing application forms.
  • Develop proposal preparation guide.
  • Develop and distribute institutional fact sheet (see Appendices).

Budget PreparationBack to the Top

  • Ensure that proposal budget adheres to university and sponsor guidelines (see attached spreadsheet in Appendices).
  • Review budget justification (see sample budget justification in Appendices).
  • Review cost share allocation.
  • Review indirect cost allocation.

Proposal Processing and Institutional AuthorizationBack to the Top

  • Requests from external funding sources must be reviewed and approved by the OSP&R for adherence to University policies and funding agency guidelines.
  • The OSP&R will review and complete the necessary assurances for Institutional Compliance.
  • A proposal transmittal form must be submitted along with each proposal.
  • The OSP&R will obtain the necessary signatures from different administrative departments.
  • OS&R will make the required copies.
  • OSP&R will forward the required copies to the funding agency/electronic submission of proposals.
  • OSP&R will forward a complete signed copy to the P.I.

Award NegotiationsBack to the Top

  • Review and negotiate budgets.
  • Review and negotiate publication rights.
  • Review and negotiate indemnifications.
  • Review and negotiate patents and copyrights.
  • Review and negotiate licensing and royalties.
  • Review and negotiate contract/agreement execution.

Administration of Funded ProgramsBack to the Top

  • Assist the P.I. in the managing of the project by clarifying agency regulations and policies.
  • Advise on revisions.
  • Review and approve expenditures on grant/contract accounts.
  • Act as liaison between PI and sponsor regarding modifications of funding projects (no-cost extensions, budget revisions).
  • Prepare invoices and other billings.
  • Prepare and submit financial reports.
  • Upon notification from PI, developing, negotiating and administering all subcontracts.
  • Provide contractual guidance (interpreting the sponsor’s regulations and guidelines).
  • Coordinating account closeout including all financial, property and invention reports.
  • Act as liaison for all audits involving sponsored projects.
  • Monitor and document cost share requirements.
  • Time and effort reporting verification.
  • Input of budget in CSU financial system.
  • Process budget modifications.
  • Institutional Compliance.
  • Institutional Review Board.
  • Undergraduate Research.
  • Tracking deliverables.