Learning Skills Center

Welcome to the Learning Skills Center of the Undergraduate Student Success Center! The Learning Skills Center (LSC) provides a variety of programs and services for all students, but has a major responsibility for supporting the academic success of freshmen (new first time/continuing) and transfer students. These programs and services include learning skills development in reading, writing, and mathematics, peer tutoring, eTutoring, and test preparation for the Praxis PPST and GRE. One-to-one and group tutoring services are available for several first-and second-year courses; we also provide supplemental instruction for College Algebra.

Students can be assigned a peer tutor who will work with them on a daily/weekly basis or they may drop in to receive assistance from one of the LSC specialists. You may be referred to the LSC by an advisor, an instructor, or they may schedule their own participation.  We look forward to your participation, and hope that the LSC becomes an integral part of your academic success at Central State. Remember our services are free to CSU students. We hope to see you early and often!