Registration Form

Final Deadline for Submission of ISEF forms is Tuesday, March 7

The West District Science Day is rolling out a new, online registration system.  You must fill out the online portion of the registration and upload the ISEF forms as a PDF or scan.   After March 7, the participant's name may not be listed in the program and their name may not be given to the special award judges for consideration for a special award. Only students with completed online registration, ISEF forms and the registration fee will be allowed to participate. If you anticipate problems in meeting this timeframe, please have your teacher call or email to alert the West District office of the problem.  The registration fee applies to each student, not project. An individual project is $30.00. A team is $60.00 for two students and $90.00 for three students. Online registration allows for payment by major credit card, pay pal or PO from school.  Payment also may be mailed with the name of the participant.  Make checks or money orders payable to CSU Foundation-MVSEF.  Cash also is accepted.


To Register, Click Here

You will be asked to make a user name and password.  Use this password to track completion of registration.  For teams, each team member must fill out a separate online registration and pay the $30.00 registration fee.

There will be no electricity provided.  The project title must be kept short (about 50 characters).Carefully choose and click the best category for the project.  The West District Science Day Council reserves the right to change a category to better match similar projects to categories.  We will notify you by email where your project will be.  You must have a working email to complete online registration.


Student Abstract

Each student must have an abstract in the ISEF forms. Type the information asked for and an abstract.  An abstract includes the problem and hypothesis, methods, results and conclusion – a summary of your project.  The judges will not receive a copy of your abstract ahead of time, so consider having about 10 extra copies of your abstract at your poster.


ISEF Forms – Click to visit the website
The ISEF forms 1, 1A and 1B are required of all projects.  These forms must be filled out for all student participants.  If a participant worked with hazardous chemicals, bacteria, human subjects or vertebrate animals, additional forms may be required. Please see the ISEF website for complete details. Upload these forms as a PDF or scan on the registration site.


Registration Fee
A $30.00 registration fee is required for each participant.  Two person teams pay $60.00 and three person teams pay $90.00. Most materials are donated, and the director and workers are volunteers. These fees go to pay affiliation fees with the Junior Academy of Science and ISEF.  The West District Council has a few scholarships available if a Teacher and/or Local Science Day Director finds that the registration fee will prevent a participant from coming to the District level science day.  Please contact the West District Director to discuss and request a scholarship.



Central State University is proud to host this year’s West District Science Day. To make this event a positive learning experience for your child, please read the following information and suggestions.


All registrations will be done online.

Registration checks may be mailed to:

West District Science Day
Central State University
PO Box 1004
Wilberforce, OH 45384


If there is a problem, please contact the fair director.