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Provost Toy Caldwell Whether you already know where your career path will lead you, or you are waiting to be inspired to discover your calling in life, Central State University is the learning community for you.

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Speed To Scale

#Executive Summary

Speed To ScaleCentral State University is the smallest public university in the state of Ohio. This small size results in high costs per student, a disadvantaged position for state funding and consequent financial difficulties.

To counter the institution’s financial challenges, the state provides an annual supplement beyond earned state instructional subsidy. The key to offsetting Central State University’s financial difficulties is to increase its enrollment so that the institution can reach a scale where the necessity for a supplement is removed.

The Board of Regents, Central State University and five participating state institutions have developed a plan, called Speed to Scale, to increase the size of Central State University from 1,800 to 6,000 students by 2017. The plan includes a one-time investment from the state over a period of three years and an extensive set of partnerships with the participating institutions.

With the plan, the university’s supplement will begin to decline starting in FY 2011 and by FY 2017 it will drop to zero. Over the decade from FY 2007 to FY 2017, $54 million will be realized in reduced supplement cost. These funds will be redirected to programs across the state that educate additional students who will promote the state’s economic growth.

The successful completion of the plan will allow Central State University to more successfully fulfill its higher education access mission for underserved Ohio students, increase the number of Ohioans with a baccalaureate degree and remove the necessity for the annual supplement by 2017.

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