All Central State students are encouraged to study abroad. Study abroad is an enriching, life-changing experience and a student’s interest in studying abroad demonstrates a highly desirable trait: intellectual curiosity. Spending time abroad opens a window to a world of opportunity for deepening students’ understanding and knowledge of political, international, economic, and global issues. Apart from the academic enhancement and personal growth, students who have studied abroad possess skills that are valued in today’s competitive workplace – a global perspective, second-language acquisition, cross-cultural communication, and adaptability to new environments.

How to Choose a Study Abroad Program

Deciding to study abroad is a major commitment and requires careful consideration of and research into the various options at least several months in advance.

  1. Discuss the options with a study abroad adviser at the Center for Global Education. Further review study abroad information on the Internet.
  2. Talk with your family and professors for their advice and support.
  3. Meet with your academic adviser to discuss how study abroad fits into your major or other academic interests. Speak with language professors and/or professors who are familiar with the world region in which you are interested.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What area of the world appeals to me?
  • How long would I like to study abroad and during what time of the year?
  • Should I look for a program directly related to my major or a "general" program?
  • Do I have any electives I may take overseas?
  • Should I look for a program that is taught in English or a foreign language?
  • Should I further my study of a foreign language abroad?
  • How much money can I afford for my overseas education?
  • To look for a program, visit any of these sites, in this order (Note that iiepassport also offers $$):,, OR

Choose a destination under Country/Region
Choose a Subject
Choose a Program Type (summer/semester/year)

After choosing a study abroad program, there are a few steps you need to take to complete the application. These may include verification and approval by your academic department and other offices on campus such as Financial Aid. The process is straightforward, and the Center for Global Education will be there to assist you.

Study Abroad Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Be sure to complete the steps below before you depart for your host country. If you are to participate in a third-party program, contact the study-abroad program provider, whose representatives will give you much of the necessary information.
  • Apply for a passport by going to
  • Complete a Budget Planning Sheet and discuss it with CGE and the Office of Financial Aid before choosing a program.
  • Obtain and complete all necessary paperwork for your program: application, housing, financial aid, course approval, medical forms, etc.
  • Meet with your academic advisor and department chairperson to discuss your course selection and have them approve your selection (see Study Abroad Approval Form).
  • Make necessary housing arrangements at Central State for your return.
  • Learn about your host country. Read the guide you are given (for CSU faculty-led programs only…under development).
  • Talk with your doctor about any health/medical issues that may affect your stay abroad.
  • Make your travel arrangements.
  • Apply for a visa, if necessary.
  • Complete an International Travel Registry. Complete a Liability and Participant Agreement (CSU programs only).
  • Purchase study abroad insurance (if it is not included in your program fee).
  • Register with the US Embassy in your host city at
  • Make a copy of your passport and other important documents for your family. You will be billed by your program provider if the program is not sponsored by Central State, its affiliate (excluding short-term programs).