Urban Education Conference Draws Over 700 People

The theme for the conference was Multicultural Education:   Teaching and Believing.   This year's conference had as its keynote speaker, Dr. Samuel Betances.   He identified himself as an "Edutainer" and then began to use himself and his life story to explain the importance of teachers believing every child can learn.   He made it clear that students need teachers that are sincere and willing to go the extra mile to teach students how to learn in a multicultural environment.   He gave concrete examples of books children need to read to learn about the struggles many people have overcome to be successful. 

At the end of his presentation, Dr. Juliette Bell awarded him a plaque as an Outstanding Educator.   Earlier in the program three other awards were given.   One award went to Central State University President, John W. Garland, as the founder of the Institute of Urban Education.   The next presentation was to the President of Cedarville University, Dr. William Brown for his years of collaboration with the Institute of Urban Education.   The   Final award, was given to Dr. Kaye Manson Jeter, the Executive Director of the Institute of Urban Education in recognition of her outstanding service.   The Foundation was also awarded a $50,000 check from JP Morgan Chase Bank, for use by Central State University for the W.E.B. DuBois Talented Tenth Academy.

Presentations in the afternoon were given by the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Pat Payne from the Indianapolis Public School, the University of Cincinnati-Urban Educational Leadership Program, a preview of No Textbook Answer from the Kettering Foundation; The U.S. Department of Education; renowned artist Dr. Willis “Bing Davis, and more.

In a session with students led by Dr. Timothy Heaton and Dr. Kaye Jeter, one of the students stated that they had "No idea they could learn anything else about classroom management, but Mrs. Gloria Towner in her two hour session added much to their repertoire of ways to manage a classroom".   Her session had over 100 attendees and was held outside of the main building in Smith Hall.

The entire Central State University staff participated in making this event successful.   Mark your calendars, next year the conference will be held on January 18, 2012.