Talented Tenth Updated

July 15

The daily review covered the experiences of the visit to COSI. Students viewed the Space and Oceans galleries and had fun watching the “Rat Basketball” game.  This was fun to watch but, scientifically the rats had been trained in a period of approximately 6 weeks. “Roller Coaster Physics” video was viewed as a requirement for the Kings Island visit.

The afternoon was filled with a presentation from a CSU student who discussed college life from the student perspective.  This was followed by a presentation on HBCU’s that concluded with a focus on the histories of Wilberforce and Central State Universities.  The Campus Tour was modified to merge the old and the new, i.e., historic areas of Central State combined with stops at the “Greek” areas with discussions from various Greek organizations. A presentation and demonstrations were presented by the FTC organizations focusing on robotics.  Students were allowed to operate a student designed and built robot. The Fireside speaker was Eugene Swanson who one of the last Buffalo Soldiers.  He discussed his efforts in the Pacific Theater as well as the difficulties of living and training in a segregated army.


     Kings Island visit

      In general, the day went well and the students seemed to enjoy the day.


Today was a day of rest for the students.  They were allowed to sleep in for an additional hour while breakfast was being prepared by Albertine.  Unfortunately, we did not purchase as much food as we thought, so there was some follow up at the cafeteria for brunch.  After brunch, we visited the US Air Force museum at Wright Patterson.  The students stopped after 2-3 hours in the museum for lunch.  They were very happy with turkey sandwiches, cookies, fruit and cold water.  We returned for dinner at CSU after which, the students were free after completing any homework and journaling.


After breakfast and the daily review, the students broke into groups for math and science activities.  After teambuilding, the students were introduced to Reggie Dunlap, a commercial pilot and developer of www.4blackyouth.com. He gave the students a summary why and how he became a pilot.  He also engaged them on their suggestions of what they would like to see as improvements for the website.. Today’s fireside chat guest for the day was Dewey Davenport, a self made pilot who lives in the area and did not attend college to become a pilot.  He summarized his road in becoming a pilot.  He also brought a radio controlled jet as well as a radio controlled propeller plane.  He flew the propeller plane for the students’ enjoyment.  He passed out flyers for the 9th Jet World Masters 2011 rally to be held at the National Museum of the USAF in Dayton from July 24 to August 6.  Admission is free.