Talented Tenth Update


Today students were up and off to breakfast and on time again!

 Each morning after breakfast, student’s participant in a daily review where they tell about their experiences about the day before. They seem to be enjoying themselves.  

The Math and Science teachers arrived with pre-test and lessons.  The initial grading indicated that many of the students were weak in basic math and science skills.  This may be due to “school’s out” brain freeze.  The total grading will be completed for tomorrow.

After lunch the students had their building exercise which involved activities from the “Culture Seek” book.

The afternoon was devoted to working with students in groups focused on math, science and their projects.

After dinner, a former counselor, Mr. Chris Arrons did his “Where I Was” – “Where I am” team builder during the Fireside Chat.

Each student received his/her calculator and book for use for their math/science assignments and reading assignment.

The day concluded with journaling, reading and math/science assignments prior to their evening activities  .