Talented Tenth Day Update

Day 4 7/13/2011

The students continue to respond well to the requirement to have information for updates.  Some are actually maintaining notes in their journals.

Today math and science involved the student going over their pretest.  In math, they were given the correct answers with challenge to determine how the problems should be solved. They are required to understand the problem solution.

Today’s team building activity was fun.  A student would approach another student that he/or she did not know very well.  The goal was to get the student to smile by.

The afternoon presenters were representatives from admissions and financial aid.  Admissions explained timing to apply, test to take, and the need to visit schools that offer the program that you want.  At CSU, you can now apply on line as well as using the traditional route.  Financial Aid discussed the large number of scholarships available, the need to apply early, and in the case of CSU, contact the Financial Aid office. 

Day 5  7/14/2011 – COSI Day

We left for COSI at approximately 10:00 carrying our lunches.  Upon arrival, the students toured COSI with their groups.  The Human, Space, and Oceans exhibits were visited, as well as the “Rat Basketball” game.  The presenter explained that it takes about a month to train a pair of rats.  The ones playing today are about to retire and their replacements are near finished with their training.   There were many additional stand alone exhibits that students could interact with including a overhead unicycle.