Institute of Urban Education Welcomes Faculty and Student’s from The Ohio State University

In January, several members from the faculty of The Ohio State University Agricultural Education program attended for the first time, the National Urban Education Conference.  After their participation, some of their faculty members scheduled a meeting with the Institute of Urban Education to determine if there could be future collaborations between Central State and their university. 

On April 19, 2011, Dr. Jamie Cano and Dr. Susie Wittington escorted 12 students from their Agricultural Education program to our campus to spend a day and gain experience in an urban setting.   The meeting started with Mr. Phil Coates explaining our program and Dr. Kaye Jeter giving the history of the university.   Next was a presentation on “Teaching in the Urban Setting” by Dr. Jeter.  Followed by a presentation by Dr. Leonard Moses on Who and What We Believe, or Do Not Believe, Matters in Learning and Teaching. The request was that he give these students the same presentation that he did on the January program.   After lunch in our cafeteria, the students interacted with two of our education majors, Mike Copeland and Chris Drye.  In a small group session, the students talked about how there could be future interactions between the two programs. 

The   comments from the students from both campuses were that this was a” wonderful day of sharing”.  The students want to plan some future meetings on both campuses.  Our students were able to gain some ideas about the rural setting for education and the students from Ohio State were given some principles for teaching in the urban setting.