EMBHSSC Day 2 , 6-11-12


What an eventful first day! The kids were surprised this
morning when they looked outside to find it pouring rain. But rain couldn’t
stop this group of young innovators as they were at breakfast at eight o’clock
sharp. After breakfast, the kids got to get to know each other further, as well
as give a small preview of what’s to come for the talent show. Afterwards, the
kids went to lunch.

After lunch, the kids were split into three groups and went
to their math, science, and technology classes where they were oriented into
the work that they would be doing for the next two weeks.  After classes, the children got to play a
very interesting game in which they spelled out words without the use of verbal
communication of any kind. The kids then went to dinner.

After dinner, the kids got a chance to build a small,
4-piece airplane. The kids were eager to go outside and enjoyed flying them
around for an hour. After a long day of work and play, the children went back
to the dorms for snacks and some much needed rest.

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