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EMBHSSC DAY 4 6-12-2012

June 13, 2012


The campers were in for a huge surprise today when
they visited the McLin Water Resource Management Building. What may have been
apathy at visiting a building where dirty water is treated quickly turned into
surprise and excitement as the campers saw the demonstrations of waves, rain,
and soil.

The campers got to see Central State’s role in
taking water from sewers, homes, businesses, etc, and cleaning it until it
becomes the safe, refreshing drink we enjoy. They were demonstrated the process
of it, the chemicals within it, and the overall journey that our water takes
from our kitchens, to our sewers, to the treatment plants, and back to our
homes again.

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EMBHSSC Day 3, 6-12-2012

Sorry, No picutres today.

Camera issues.

More pictures tomorrow.

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EMBHSSC Day 2 , 6-11-12

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ExxonMoil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp 2012 OPENING DAY

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The Institute of Urban Education announces the 2012 W.E.B. DuBois Talented Tenth STEM Education Academy July 8-20, 2012


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