Classroom Management Project

The Institute of Urban Education based on input from local urban educators identified classroom management as an area that would benefit new teachers.  We began to research ways we could develop a product and training that would be beneficial for teachers in the urban setting.  The project is Scenario-Based Urban Education and our first product is complete and ready for distribution.  Our first interactive CD is called- L.E.A.S.T.-A Design for Discipline.


Program Design

The program was designed based on work that had been done at Little Planet in Nashville, Tennessee. Little Planet has created an award-winning combination of research-based methodologies and multimedia, thereby facilitating the learning process through


The results of research conducted by Little Planet Learning and

Vanderbilt University on the effectiveness of multimedia-

enhanced learning can be found in the book How People Learn,

authored by Dr. John Bransford, published by the National

Academy of Sciences, 1999.

Objectives of Program

The objectives of our LEAST-A Design for Discipline program  were to:

  • To establish a model delivery system featuring state-of- the-art learning science and multimedia production, as a demonstration of the capabilities of technology-based curriculum delivery.

  • To use this demonstration module as supplement to the Institute’s onsite learning experiences, showcasing summaries and highlights for future student reference.

  • To supplement specific skills development needs of developing and practicing professional educators within inner-city schools, in particular, a model for supporting appropriate student behavior and discipline. The program will offer relevant practical learning opportunities to participants, by educating them on:

    • The practice and implementation of the LEAST model within the classroom.

    • The introduction of the LEAST model to local stakeholders and school administrators.

    • The development of a peer-to-peer mentoring network for professionals involved in inner-city education.

Delivery Methodology

The delivery methodology and design template for the CD were borrowed extensively from the approach established by The Institute for School Leaders, developed by Little Planet Learning in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Vanderbilt University, and the State of Tennessee.

CD Delivery Model

The CD is now available, but it is not a stand-alone project.   Currently, we are gathering additional information on classroom management, through our national survey.  Please take time to complete the survey online


The data from the survey is incorporated in the training. It is to be used by trained school district personnel.  The Institute is preparing the training times and the process for training.

If you are interested in the training or have questions about this project contact:

Dr. Kaye Manson Jeter

Institute of Urban Education

Central State University

119 Administration Building

1400 Brush Row Road

Wilberforce, OH 45384