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A Message From The Director

Hello and welcome to the Institute of Urban Education.  We appreciate your interest in our Institute and hope you will browse through our website as we continue to add information based on our goals and objectives  The university itself has a legacy of preparing quality educators who are excellent in teaching in urban areas.Back to the top


Institute Vision
In 2000, Dr. Gordon L. Berry ’55 stated in an early draft of the Institute vision the following:
"Given the past and present day history of Central State University, it is entirely consistent that it would have a unique interest in urban educational issues.  This concern of Central State University is drawn more sharply today because urban education and the school systems are now at a crossroads in terms of their ability to provide quality educational experiences as the enter the 21st century.  For the purposes of this Mission Statement, urban education and schools refer to those elementary and secondary systems located, although not exclusively, in the heart of our metropolitan areas.  These schools are charged with providing educational opportunities for a culturally diverse group of children and youths who bring to the classroom a complex array of personal, social, economic, political, health, and educational achievement factors.  These social and personal factors frequently compete in an inverse fashion with the policies, values, and curricular standards of the school.  At the same time, these boys and girls can also bring to the classroom creative talents, intellectual abilities, high levels of motivation, and persona resilience attributes.  These skills and attributes can cause many inner city boys and girls to be high achievers in a school environment that is committed to providing them a quality educational experience and is culturally sensitive to their needs". Back to the top


Set Goals
The goals of the Institute were set and the programs designed for implementation.  Since that time the university placed the Institute under the leadership of the dean of the college of education.  During that placement the major focus was to increase the number of minority teachers in the teacher candidate pool.  This allowed us to work with our faculty and staff to recruit and advise minority students about the education field; learn about assessment test that teacher candidates had to pass; and to develop strong educational leaders to work in the urban setting.  Back to the top


Institute Past Program Highlights

The Institute of Urban Education located at Central State University is sending this newsletter to share with you the activities that have taken place this fall and winter on our campus. I would like to thank everyone for their support and attendance at our fourth national conference. The evaluations have been very positive with a challenge for us to keep up the good work for the conference in 2008. Save the date, January 16, 2008.

We also have continued our work with the high school students from our summer Talented Tenth Academy. The three sessions were held at Central West. The topic were test taking skills, critical thinking and science. We are currently in the process of seeking funding for a longer program on campus for this summer. All information will be available by March 1, 2007.

In October we sponsored a Guaranteed A+ seminar for high school students. This the learning how to learn program we use in all of our student academies. More information on the program can be found at www.guaranteed4.com.

The Institute in November was asked to present the classroom management program-LEAST to new teachers in Dayton. We worked with the University of Dayton and supplied the trainer-Gloria Towner from Nashville, Tennessee. We have also produced an interactive CD for inservice training purposes. Back to the top